Beauty: Nail Care

Every spring, most people start, women significantly more so than men, are again. Nail care is optimized again because the warmer months are coming. It is for many a ritual, so while we also argue that nail care is not seasonal. Well-groomed nails of hands and feet are always important. How we work and what to look for before you begin to care?

Hands and feet during the cold months

Because we do not have to show to the outside world feet in winter, we take care of them but less. At least, this is a significant group of people. Most pedicure practices get it from the spring force, which starts in March and April, only busier. In winter the shower or foot bath and clipping the nails for many people more than adequate. From the spring we go into the open shoes so the outside world can see your feet again. Time for the pedicure nail to make neat and varnishes, remove calluses and make your feet again to show to the world.

Hands are not much better because we are stabbing in mitts or gloves, they need the cold, but lack or they frequently stay in the water (with or without a chemical cleaning stuff). Canyons can Has arise, and nails dry out or splitting. The nails are often after the December holidays to spring again until a proper treatment. The hands may ‘happy’ with now and then a dab hand cream to keep the hard, dry feel. Time to address all fours and get the nails back in top form.

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The base material of your nails what you inherits. For the most part genetically determined and of course, it helps if you have a healthy diet. Nails are composed of one kind of layers of transparent fibrous protein. We call it keratin. Because the cells of the nails renew itself continuously, it is logical that they need constant care and not only when it suits the “owner” at that time. Nails can tell in several areas all about the owner.


Nails can accommodate various problems, not all equally serious, but certainly disfiguring and sometimes very difficult. It is also possible that they have a disease where you have not bother, expose. The first look of the nails shows and act a ‘disease.’ Subsequently only apply the ‘normal’ care.

Fungal Nail
The nail fungus, also known as a fungal nail, you will just not healthy. That is a long process because the fungus sits under the nail and the nail is a thick largely impermeable layer. The GP can give you something to fix the nail fungus, but often work the treatment of a medical pedicure just as good. Do not assume that you are ready for one treatment. The number of treatments depends on the fact whether it is a start-lime nail or nail, which is at an advanced stage. Incidentally, we nail fungus often seen on the feet, but you can also get it with the fingernails. In warm humidity, they do well, so for example in swimming pools. Make sure you wear flip-flops, it helps absolutely.

White spots
White spots on the nails are small injuries to the nail bed and therefore not a calcium deficiency, it is often said. You do not have to do anything here. It grows by itself from your nail. More than a bit unsightly, it is not.

Ingrown nails
Nails can grow into the adjacent skin and often does this happen in the big toe. It is caused by any overdue maintenance but can have the effect of creating a substantial inflammation. The nail must grow if it were straightened and with what resources, for example, wimps small application on the edge of the nail on for a long time, push back the nail back in the right direction.

Brown spots
As the lines are kind, it may be to splinter-like spots. If it then also blood clots occurs under the nail, it may have to do with anything else have (especially if they are staying longer) than the nail itself. Problems with heart, kidney or lungs may underlie. Have it checked by your doctor?

White Nails
White nails with dark edges (top) usually say nothing about the nails themselves, but more about the status of your liver. Have it checked by your doctor?

Blue nail
If you get a good whack on the nail or you sit in a door with your fingernail, it can be quite blue. A bruise under the nail. It may be pressing and soreness. The doctor may choose to drill a hole in the nail so that the blood can look like and the pressure and thus reduces pain. The nail and nail bed are probably no longer together, and a new nail forms and the old ‘grows.’ Beginning in fact all by itself.

Is not the discoloration of blood but only a blue tinge overlying the nail, then your body can have an oxygen deficiency. Have it checked by your doctor?

How to care for your nails?

It goes without saying that you must have first established that the nails do not show ‘illness’ as brown spots, fungal nails or ingrown nails. This should always get a professional care and then the normal nail care. For example, the best nail fungus get gel nail, but first treatment should be used against the fungus.

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Nail file * you one way, so get your hooks on the nails straight away and do not forget that filing only works well if your nails are dry. Fingernails preferably not cut it. Clipping can split the layers of the nails. Toenails can optionally be easily cut, which are still kept short. Do this or after bathing. You can more easily cut the softer nail. Go there as soon as your feet are dry, yet to work with a file to back away any strokes.

Make sure that the nails are straight at the feet and by the hands in the desired shape. Pay attention well to the shape of your hands. Your hand’s nails can optionally make it look larger or smaller.

* There are various types of files on the market, but make sure you take stuff that you can properly clean. The glass file is perhaps best suited for that. What you take, make it at least regularly.

Cuticle Oil * regularly rub the cuticles is no luxury, because you keep on this way, the cuticles soft and supple. So you can easily push up the cuticles (with a cuticle pusher), and there will be no tears in disfiguring and sometimes very painful. It can even lead to inflammation. There are also hand care creams that carry the cuticles in it. Use hand cream also good to also rub the cuticles and to keep it supple.

* Cuticle Oil you can make yourself into a desired flavor. Buy a small bottle of neutral oil (almond oil, for example), because there is hardly any smell at. Buy an empty bottle with a pipette and fill the bottle for the most part with this oil. Buy an essential oil in health food store and add about 10 drops to the bottle with pipette into the fragrance you like. Shake well and let rest. So you have a bottle handy to carry and for example, to distinguish between the cuticle smooth. Then smear it on your hands and they smell wonderful.

Source: WerbeFabrik / Pixabay

polish can decorate the nails and protect them. Definitely gelnagellak temporarily puts a kind of layer over the nail and protects it. Additionally you soak perfectly painted nails have that jump off any pieces or otherwise flaking. Can remove special ‘soak off’ nail polish remover or an electric file with the manicure. Just make sure they go to the basecoat, otherwise your nail thinner.

Always bring both ordinary and gelnagellak to a fat-free nail, starting with the base coat. This puts a good undercoat and leave color does not get through (so you avoid a colored base nail). Then one or two coats of the color and finish with a topcoat. Ordinary nail polish to dry thoroughly before you begin a new layer and gelnagellak take sufficient time to UV light or LED light before you start the next layer.


The hands and feet, and therefore also take care of the nails, good is not really a luxury. It is necessary to keep them supple tasty and healthy. Your hands and feet should be enough to endure so add some luxury to the necessary care actually is justified.

Nails: what they say about our health

Brittle, discolored or damaged by mold: diagnose nail changes is not always easy for dermatologists. Nails that crumble and break, the front edge of the nail which is no longer there. Dermatologists are repeatedly confronted with these problems. Many patients in the practice of a dermatologist complain of stains, grooves or other changes in their nails. But dozens of causes may stab behind causes where doctors can often come but with the flair of a detective behind. Some distortions are caused by heredity, such as the upper portion of a thumb which is no longer in length, but only grows in width during childhood. The nail is short and wide. It looks strange, but it can not hurt.


The biggest culprits for our nails: polishes and nail polish

More often than by hereditary conditions, our nails are damaged by external influences, the most by fungal infections. Often our lifestyle is guilty of nail changes:

  • by continuous contact with water and detergents are brittle nails, thin or they break down;
  • red painted nails look nice indeed, but regular application of nail polish nails may discolor orange-red;
  • black and brown them, as they tiptoe, hits hard punch or wrong with the hammer;
  • by mountaineers often wear too narrow and too small shoes can ingrown toenails or deform to claw nails.

When should you consult a dermatologist on nail changes?

Sometimes stains, grooves or dents indicative of a disease of the blood, of a condition of internal organs, or a metabolic disorder. Often changes to nail the first indication that something is wrong in the body. The problem is that different diseases can cause similar changes. Color changes one must show at least a dermatologist, if there are more than three months, especially when the skin meekest around the nail or nail slowly dies. Even if something is growing on or under the nail, the nail is released or crumbles, it is important to elucidate the cause.


Recognize fungal infection

To make a good diagnosis, the dermatologist must have good eyes and have a lot of experience. With a magnifying glass or special microscopes is in most cases found the cause. To recognize a yeast infection, he scrapes off some tissue and examines it. Sometimes he has to take a piece of tissue from the nail itself. It is not often that further investigation in the form of blood tests, X-rays, magnetic resonance or computed tomography are needed. The treatment of fungal infections is often cumbersome. As ointments or creams do not help, one must sometimes take several months tablets.

Ingrown toenails

At ingrown toenails usually only helps surgery. But the fact is that nowadays can operate much more cautious than before. One can permanently narrow the nail which not only the nail edge is trimmed away, but also is narrowed, the root of the nail. When cutting or scratching of the root piece makes one often using an etching liquid, called Phenol, which destroys the document root.


With some exceptions, rapid treatment offered

Some changes to nails disappear if you let alone themselves. That is, for example, in the case of white spots that are caused by too much force pushing back the cuticle. But do another (often innocent-looking) abnormalities are not treated in time, can have unpleasant consequences. In the case of infection or psoriasis of the nail, for example, which can suffer permanent damage thereof, and sometimes even die completely. Unfortunately also helps timely treatment is not always. This keeps nails crooked or deformed when the growth zone was damaged by an injury.

Prevention is better than cure

Also, the nails become infected or ingrown again. Prevention is better than cure. For example, always wear slippers in the pool and dry your feet always good. To ensure that not ingrown toenails, they must always be cut straight, and one should not wear too tight shoes.

Long nails: stimulate nail growth

There are quite a few women who will do anything to have to have beautiful long nails. Since having long nails is not in it for many people naturally, the technique needs a helping hand. So you can next to a full nail also work with gel or acrylic to get that desired long nails. That does not mean that there are resources that enable you simply grow your nails.


Why long nails?

Is not that quite a few women long fingernails look as feminine, then it might be falling creative sentence or one experiences just as beautiful, as you can also find some nice clothes or shoes on. Well-groomed nails are one; long nails belong there at quite a few women for granted at.

Common problems with natural nails


The most common problem is the fact that it becomes damaged at the natural nail and for that reason, breaks down partially or completely. The cause has to make the most of the natural ability of the nail. The greater the curvature (in width) is if you look at the tips of your fingers, the stronger the nail. Although this is not always perceived as beautiful, grows in principle as the strongest nail out. You can also do it with proper diet help to get beautiful nails. This is getting enough protein, but this is only a supplement. Miracle cures to unsightly nails to get beautiful, simply do not exist.

Peelable layers

Of course, the nail bed may cause permanent damage, and that can affect the growth of the nail. But what we often see is the releasable layer. The nail is made up of layers, and as soon as there is a release layer, which weakens the nail. Layers can easily let go of nature, but a common cause is when a lot of your hands in the water. By soaking the nails, the layers come off more easily. Additionally, wrong files are a cause. It is always important to filing only from the outside to the inside. However, the practice is that many of the file up-and-down takes. So you can get friction and therefore air between the layers.


If you’re still kicked far as the nails grow, the weakest point of the nail is the side of the nail where the congested area grows (on the skin), and you will see the white edge. Since you used all the hands, and thus also the nails, it is not surprising that nails a lot to process. If there is any weakness or your nails have had much to endure, the nail tears almost always at the weakest point. Depending on how the crack runs, it can also still be quite painful.


How do you grow natural nails?

Of course, the artificial nail, with some material way, the simplest solution to create instant long nails. But if your natural nails an ‘opportunity’ gives to grow, it is relatively simple. This is done by a hard gel – an example is also used for creating artificial nails – to make a very thin layer over the natural nail (the length of the nail is irrelevant).

This layer is so thin that you hardly see. However, it just gives more strength to the nail to get over that troublesome point (when the nail tearing else) or break once the nail is longer. If the gel is applied properly, you also avoid getting moisture or air between the layers of the nail. You pick in this way to the three most common problems.

Additional advantage

An additional advantage is that the curve (width) of the long nail is getting slightly flattened. The gel, when properly applied, of course, is as if the nail flatter. This is only slightly cosmetically attractive, but it has no further effect.


What many materials when working with artificial nails, gel or resin, can do is that the natural nail damaged. You can sometimes fill the applied nails (this is dependent on the material used), but this can not lead to the end of days. This has the result that the material to be removed at some point. Although the electrical equipment to remove artificial nails is getting better, you can not escape that you do also affect the natural nail.

When growing the natural nail, you can let the thin layer of gel down, and it grows as it were off. Want in time yet again some extra strength. It can be re-applied a thin layer of gel. The old layer is so thin that it does not need off, the layer is only slightly roughened.


Nail varnish

Also in strengthening the natural nail with gel, can be used nail polish, nail polish both traditional as well as the gel nail. Gelnagellak also reinforces the nails and just to suggest that reason. You also have the convenience that the weeks remain seated without re-en-der to repel all sorts of unsightly pieces of nail polish.


The nails are part of our hands, and the hands are for many people a business image. “The hands you can see the woman,” said a comedian ever. Not to say that well-manicured hands to contain long nails, but for quite a few women having long nails still a beauty ideal.

How (fast) healthy hair and nails grow

Full shiny hair and beautiful, healthy nails are visible signs of health, beauty, and well-being, and they belong undeniably a well-groomed appearance. No wonder that women (and also men) suffer if their hairs are thin, brittle or dull or chip their fingernails. And although many people suffer from skin and hair problems, call few victims seek medical attention or have they advise the pharmacy. Instead, they try various means on their own from which, however, the problem rarely tackle the root and therefore not useful. Nevertheless, the numerous causes that are responsible for structural damage and stunted growth of hair and nails often be detected with expert help. And who wants to know what is good for hair and nails, must first inquire about good composition and growth of hair and nails.


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Peacock Scales?!

Back again. It’s been a while, but my interest in nail art has been more subdued lately. Just a part of growing up and getting a little older. This is the first special nail art that I’ve done, and actually been proud of enough to show here on the blog. I still keep my nails painted most all the time, but I don’t usually have nail art.
Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my day to day life. I post my simpler nails there along with other random things. I’m @lesliegalloway. 🙂
These nails were made using a base of Sinful Colors Black on Black. I used a sponge to dab on some Dazzle Dry Glam’matazz near the cuticle and faded out to the free edge. For my accent nails, I used the same black polish base. Then used the graffiti/grunge technique (where you wipe most all of the polish off the brush, then lightly drag it across your nail). The polishes I used were in this order: China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle, Turned Up Turquoise, Dazzle Dry Glam’matazz, and China Glaze History Of The World. Then I stamped with black polish the scale image of MASH 39.
Thick coat of Seche Vite to smooth everything out and make it shiny!



Color Me Monthly Review

Color Me Monthly is an interesting and simple nail polish subscription service that delivers a surprise color nail polish to your door for just $7/month with free shipping. They pride themselves on using the highest-quality, toxin-free, and cruelty-free ingredients.  You can choose to instead just buy an older polish from “The Vault” if you’re not interested in the subscription service.
I received 3 colors to show to your guys.
For October of 2014 the color was “Pennywise”
 This is 3 thin coats. Formula was good, just a little annoying with some visible brushstrokes at the end. I remedied that by sponging on a light final layer of polish. This is a beautiful duochrome that flashes anywhere from yellow orange to pink.

Then November 2014 was “Roasted Chestnuts”
The shade is a deep brown, almost black. Gold/bronze duochrome glitter. It’s a beautiful polish, just not what I typically wear. Applied easily and great coverage with 2 coats.


December 2014 was “Just For You”
A beautiful metallic red! Perfectly easy and 2 coats for this coverage.

Another fun thing that they do is include these swatch cards. I think it’s an awesome idea! It has a cute little hiaku about the color, then the name and date, then a little designated place to swatch that color. I got a card for each polish and I like the idea of being able to be a bit more organized with what each color looks like without having to always grab for the bottles.
*These polishes were provided to me for review without cost to me. However all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and truthful.

FABY – Paper Sky

I received this polish for review and it was a new brand to me. I’ve not seen it for sale in any stores near me. It is a brand from Italy that launched in the US in August 2014.
 The first coat applied very thin, but evenly. I applied the second coat a bit heavier, it dried in a timely manner and didn’t flood the cuticle at all. 2 coats was coverage enough, but I did notice there was a slight shadowing or bare spot on my middle nail after the fact.
Paper Sky is a light blue shade that is very bright and reminds me of spring. Creme finish. I can imagine this will be a useful polish when it comes to nail art designs.

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