How Do I Do It?

Oh my goodness! This has been the foremost question asked since I started the cartoon series. And I’d like to use this post to address the most frequently asked questions.
  1. How do you do this? The fairies come in at night and take care of it all. I just have to take pictures in the morning when I wake up. 🙂 Nah, it takes a lot of practice and patience. If you look back to some of my first blog posts…. I did not have these “mad skills” if ya know what I mean.
  2. Do you use acrylic paint? Yes and no. Yes I use acrylic paint, but not exclusively. Most of the colors are from nail polishes. I do like to use acrylic paint when it comes to skin tone, black, and white. The reason being, I feel like I can create smaller outlines with black acrylic paint. Also white acrylic paint seems more opaque than polish. When I use acrylic paint, I use whatever brand I already have on hand. Usually the cheapest I could find in the store. 69 cents per 60mL bottle…. You can’t get any better than that!
  3. Do I use different sized paintbrushes? Yes. I have a few different sizes that I use for different parts. Refer to photo. (A) works best for long, thin outlines. (B) ~FAVE~ works great with outlines. (C) used for filling in large areas of a design (D&E) ~FAVE~ virtually the exact same brush, I just happen to have two. Great for small areas where I can have better control with the shorter bristles. If I needed to I could make it by with only B & D (or E).
I’ll keep you in suspense for a few days until I catch up to this WB cartoon mani…. 😉
     4. As you can see on A&B I have cut some of the bristles away to make the brush thinner. I did this following Robin Moses’ great video tutorial you can check out here. It really makes a difference!
    5. Can you do (such and such) cartoon? I sure hope so! At least I think I can. I’m gaining confidence from hearing everyone’s positive responses. It’s encouraging me to try more and more designs. Some might turn out not so great, but I’ll show them to you anyway just so you can see I’m not perfect by any means!
Kitty Cam Spam!
Wally was too curious when I was trying to take pics of my brushes. He is always right in the way of things, but it was too cute to pass up taking pics and showing you guys! Look at those pretty green eyes!
That’s my boo! 🙂