Updated Stash & Storage

I felt it was about time to clean up my polish display and straighten everything up. So it was a great time to take some pictures to share with you guys and actually count them all.My last Stash & Storage post was in March, and my how things have grown!
Currently I have 388 bottles of nail polish. I also have 11 empty bottles in my frankening box which makes 399 total if you include those. (I just need one more, right?) I hope to stay around this number because I can’t reasonably see myself being able to give attention to much more than this.

This is the rack I’ve been using to display my polishes. (It was originally sold as a scrapbooking embellishments storage unit)
1st row is crackles, glitters, magnetics, holographics. (28 polishes)
2nd row is red, orange, coral, and pink. (43 polishes)
3rd row is green, teal, and blue. (48 polishes)
4th row Muppet glitters, yellows, striper polishes, and stamping polishes. (34 polishes)
5th row is purple, black, gray, and white. (42 polishes)
6th row is base coats, top coats, and browns. (28 polishes)
These polishes on the display rack are my most used polishes. It hangs above my desk where I generally paint my nails.

The desk top extends to the left and that is where I have my Melmer sitting. On top of that is my exhibit project which has been entered in an art show to be held in March.

The top drawer to my Melmer is total chaos. It has my stamping plates, toe seperators, extra files, cuticle cream, loose false nails, etc.

2nd drawer of the Melmer contains my neglected polishes. These are ones that I don’t use because I don’t like them or have a better dupe. This drawer is the one my friends go shopping in when they come over. 🙂
(61 polishes)

The bottom drawer of the Melmer is where I keep new polishes that I haven’t swatched yet, frankens, back up bottles, and nail art pens.
(35 polishes)

Then I have a shoebox size storage box on a bottom shelf filled with frankening supplies. I have 54 polishes in there that are glitters or polishes I don’t mind wasting on frankens if they turn out badly. In there I also keep any bottles of polish I manage to empty so that I can franken into them in the future. I have 11 empties right now.

How do you like my updated status on my stash? How many polishes do you have?

FAQ – Acrylic Paints? Tools? Etc

I’ve received so many questions about my use of acrylic paints. This video will hopefully help answer many of those questions. 🙂
What type of brushes do you use?
What kind of dotting tool?
Where can you shop for these tools?
Any special tricks?
I mentioned Robin Moses’ tutorial for cutting down your paintbrushes. Here it is.
The Born Pretty Store has brushes here for $2.29; dotting tools here for $4.74.
They offer free shipping worldwide, and use my discount code for 10% off!