Barielle Jetsetter Fall 2014 Collection

These polishes all had excellent coverage. Each swatch only required 2 coats. They applied evenly, self leveled nicely, and were not streaky.
All are available on the Barielle website HERE for $8 each.
Rain in Spain
Creme finish lavender/periwinkle shade.

Autumn in Seoul
A metallic copper shimmer.
These next two were very similar so I wanted to swatch them side by side.
Irish Eyes
Creme finish medium moss green.
Gondola Ride
Creme finish. Lighter green, more sage than moss.
Kiss Me Kate
Creme finish beige with slightly pink undertones.
Midnight in Paris
The website describes this as a midnight blue/purple. My first glimpse at the bottle looked like it was a rich velvety purple shade. But once I applied it to my nails it took on more blue tones and just appeared as pictured here, a deep navy shimmer. Still gorgeous, but not what I originally thought.
I’ve got to say that I think Gondola Ride is my favorite! 🙂
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