Dots & Hearts Tutorial

I’m finally back with a nail art tutorial and not just swatches. I hope you enjoy. The inspiration for it came from this look.
Start by painting your nails solid white. I used Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.
┬áThen stamp some black polka dots. I used Konad Black polish with the m79 image plate. Fill in any with a small dotting tool if it didn’t transfer well.

I wanted to stamp a heart since I didn’t want to do any real freehanding for this look. I didn’t have an image plate of the size heart I wanted just plain, so I stamped only a partial image of the heart on BM02.


Fill in the heart with a pink polish. I used Tammy Taylor Pinkalicious. If your pink is more transparent, you might want to fill in the heart with white first. In case your heart is over one of the dark polka dots.
Then I took a black nail art striper and outlined any of the areas where my pink covered the line up. Also then a white nail art striper for a little shine mark at the top of each heart.
Cover with a thick top coat like Seche Vite.

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