How (fast) healthy hair and nails grow

Full shiny hair and beautiful, healthy nails are visible signs of health, beauty, and well-being, and they belong undeniably a well-groomed appearance. No wonder that women (and also men) suffer if their hairs are thin, brittle or dull or chip their fingernails. And although many people suffer from skin and hair problems, call few victims seek medical attention or have they advise the pharmacy. Instead, they try various means on their own from which, however, the problem rarely tackle the root and therefore not useful. Nevertheless, the numerous causes that are responsible for structural damage and stunted growth of hair and nails often be detected with expert help. And who wants to know what is good for hair and nails, must first inquire about good composition and growth of hair and nails.


How fast hair and nails grow

Healthy hair grows about one centimeter per month and can be long during a lifetime of up to 80 cm. Healthy nails grow each month between 2 and 5 millimeters.

The composition of hairs

Hairs are about 90 percent of keratin, a protein highly stable compound that hair, skin, and nails give them firmness and elasticity. Medically, hairs are nothing else than keratinized layers of skin cells, which are threaded into a thread, and which nails as well as to the so-called skin-tags belong. Each hair has its channel in which it is formed, and is pushed upward. The visible portion of the hair is called the hair shaft. The hair root, which is responsible for the care of the hair ends, ends in a ball (hair follicle), reminiscent in shape of onion and support to the hair. Through the root sheath (the hair follicle), the hair root is embedded in the skin, and there take the nutrients responsible for the growth and texture of the hair on. The follicle is sebaceous glands that lubricate the hair and protect against dehydration.

Keratin, the primary component of our hair

The visible hair that is located above the skin surface, is composed of several layers:

  • So are found in the middle of the bone marrow cells, which are surrounded by a fibrous layer. This fibrous layer is composed of keratin and is the main constituent of the hair. It determines the elasticity and strength of our hair.
  • Cuticle, the outer protective layer is also called the skin. As in the case, for example, a pine cone, these scales in some ultra-thin layers on top of each other. When beautiful hair levels lie close together in the hair shaft and make it the hair shine. Open up the levels than the hair dull, porous and brittle.

Hair grows faster than other body hair

Because the hair follicles on the head are particularly active, growing hair faster than other body hair. Moreover, develops in stages:

  • First, there has been a growth phase of 2 to 6 years of age;
  • followed by a transition from 1 to 2 weeks;
  • before the hair falls and makes room for a new hair, there is a resting phase of 2 to 4 months.

Hair grows about one centimeter per month and can grow up to 80 centimeters of it during the entire service life. Every day about 60 to 100 hairs falls out. That’s perfectly reasonable.


Other fun facts about hair growth

  • hair grow faster in hot weather;
  • men’s hair grow faster than female hair, but are shorter;
  • hair-cutting does not have any influence on hair growth;
  • hair of men is thicker than the hair of women;
  • the hair density decreases as we age;
  • Morning hair grows fastest;
  • Overnight at all hairs do not grow.

Also, nails consist of keratin

The nails of fingers and toes consist mainly of keratin. As with hair, the horny cells are slowly pushed forward from behind. However, the end product, the nail plate, is much harder than her. The blood vessels that lie beneath the nail and shine through to give their nails pink gloss. Under the nail plate is the nail bed. The connected part of the nail is called nail root with the skin. That area is responsible for the care and growth of the nail with nutrients. The increased surface on the left and the right of the nail forming a kind of wall pin that should prevent the ingress of bacteria together with the epidermis.

How fast growing nails

Monthly grows a nail between 2 and 5 millimeters. Depending on age and metabolism takes the complete renewal of a fingernail 6 to 24 months. At the toes, that lasts about 12 months.

Other fun facts about nail growth

  • the middle fingernail grows the fastest;
  • the nail of the finger grows slowest;
  • cold smoking and slow nail growth;
  • Fingernails grow faster than toenails;
  • mechanical stresses such as guitar stimulate nail growth;
  • the nails of the “work hand” grow faster than those of the contrary;
  • daytime nails grow twice as fast as overnight.

Fingernail not only to protect our fingertips

While most men keep their fingernails usually brief, in which women may not be long enough. After all, nails should not only to protect our fingers. Many a woman has successfully defended all thanks to her fingernails against attackers. Also, when they open or scraping of individual objects prove always excellent service. And not least, they show us when something is wrong with our body. There is thus all set to take care of these important helpers.


Fingernails reveal much about our health

It does not matter if his nails are painted red or shining, whether long or short be considered are gnawed or well groomed, his fingernails, as it were our calling card and reveal a lot of the people to whom they belong. But not only show the personal hygiene of those involved fingernails something. They also provide information about our health.


In many patients suffering from psoriasis, for example, this is also reflected the nails of fingers and toes. Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease which can also affect the joints and nails. In this case show the nails stains, dents, ridges, and discoloration. Moreover, they often are thickened and crumbly.

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