Long nails: stimulate nail growth

There are quite a few women who will do anything to have to have beautiful long nails. Since having long nails is not in it for many people naturally, the technique needs a helping hand. So you can next to a full nail also work with gel or acrylic to get that desired long nails. That does not mean that there are resources that enable you simply grow your nails.


Why long nails?

Is not that quite a few women long fingernails look as feminine, then it might be falling creative sentence or one experiences just as beautiful, as you can also find some nice clothes or shoes on. Well-groomed nails are one; long nails belong there at quite a few women for granted at.

Common problems with natural nails


The most common problem is the fact that it becomes damaged at the natural nail and for that reason, breaks down partially or completely. The cause has to make the most of the natural ability of the nail. The greater the curvature (in width) is if you look at the tips of your fingers, the stronger the nail. Although this is not always perceived as beautiful, grows in principle as the strongest nail out. You can also do it with proper diet help to get beautiful nails. This is getting enough protein, but this is only a supplement. Miracle cures to unsightly nails to get beautiful, simply do not exist.

Peelable layers

Of course, the nail bed may cause permanent damage, and that can affect the growth of the nail. But what we often see is the releasable layer. The nail is made up of layers, and as soon as there is a release layer, which weakens the nail. Layers can easily let go of nature, but a common cause is when a lot of your hands in the water. By soaking the nails, the layers come off more easily. Additionally, wrong files are a cause. It is always important to filing only from the outside to the inside. However, the practice is that many of the file up-and-down takes. So you can get friction and therefore air between the layers.


If you’re still kicked far as the nails grow, the weakest point of the nail is the side of the nail where the congested area grows (on the skin), and you will see the white edge. Since you used all the hands, and thus also the nails, it is not surprising that nails a lot to process. If there is any weakness or your nails have had much to endure, the nail tears almost always at the weakest point. Depending on how the crack runs, it can also still be quite painful.


How do you grow natural nails?

Of course, the artificial nail, with some material way, the simplest solution to create instant long nails. But if your natural nails an ‘opportunity’ gives to grow, it is relatively simple. This is done by a hard gel – an example is also used for creating artificial nails – to make a very thin layer over the natural nail (the length of the nail is irrelevant).

This layer is so thin that you hardly see. However, it just gives more strength to the nail to get over that troublesome point (when the nail tearing else) or break once the nail is longer. If the gel is applied properly, you also avoid getting moisture or air between the layers of the nail. You pick in this way to the three most common problems.

Additional advantage

An additional advantage is that the curve (width) of the long nail is getting slightly flattened. The gel, when properly applied, of course, is as if the nail flatter. This is only slightly cosmetically attractive, but it has no further effect.


What many materials when working with artificial nails, gel or resin, can do is that the natural nail damaged. You can sometimes fill the applied nails (this is dependent on the material used), but this can not lead to the end of days. This has the result that the material to be removed at some point. Although the electrical equipment to remove artificial nails is getting better, you can not escape that you do also affect the natural nail.

When growing the natural nail, you can let the thin layer of gel down, and it grows as it were off. Want in time yet again some extra strength. It can be re-applied a thin layer of gel. The old layer is so thin that it does not need off, the layer is only slightly roughened.


Nail varnish

Also in strengthening the natural nail with gel, can be used nail polish, nail polish both traditional as well as the gel nail. Gelnagellak also reinforces the nails and just to suggest that reason. You also have the convenience that the weeks remain seated without re-en-der to repel all sorts of unsightly pieces of nail polish.


The nails are part of our hands, and the hands are for many people a business image. “The hands you can see the woman,” said a comedian ever. Not to say that well-manicured hands to contain long nails, but for quite a few women having long nails still a beauty ideal.