Peacock Scales?!

Back again. It’s been a while, but my interest in nail art has been more subdued lately. Just a part of growing up and getting a little older. This is the first special nail art that I’ve done, and actually been proud of enough to show here on the blog. I still keep my nails painted most all the time, but I don’t usually have nail art.
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These nails were made using a base of Sinful Colors Black on Black. I used a sponge to dab on some Dazzle Dry Glam’matazz near the cuticle and faded out to the free edge. For my accent nails, I used the same black polish base. Then used the graffiti/grunge technique (where you wipe most all of the polish off the brush, then lightly drag it across your nail). The polishes I used were in this order: China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle, Turned Up Turquoise, Dazzle Dry Glam’matazz, and China Glaze History Of The World. Then I stamped with black polish the scale image of MASH 39.
Thick coat of Seche Vite to smooth everything out and make it shiny!



Color Me Monthly Review

Color Me Monthly is an interesting and simple nail polish subscription service that delivers a surprise color nail polish to your door for just $7/month with free shipping. They pride themselves on using the highest-quality, toxin-free, and cruelty-free ingredients.  You can choose to instead just buy an older polish from “The Vault” if you’re not interested in the subscription service.
I received 3 colors to show to your guys.
For October of 2014 the color was “Pennywise”
 This is 3 thin coats. Formula was good, just a little annoying with some visible brushstrokes at the end. I remedied that by sponging on a light final layer of polish. This is a beautiful duochrome that flashes anywhere from yellow orange to pink.

Then November 2014 was “Roasted Chestnuts”
The shade is a deep brown, almost black. Gold/bronze duochrome glitter. It’s a beautiful polish, just not what I typically wear. Applied easily and great coverage with 2 coats.


December 2014 was “Just For You”
A beautiful metallic red! Perfectly easy and 2 coats for this coverage.

Another fun thing that they do is include these swatch cards. I think it’s an awesome idea! It has a cute little hiaku about the color, then the name and date, then a little designated place to swatch that color. I got a card for each polish and I like the idea of being able to be a bit more organized with what each color looks like without having to always grab for the bottles.
*These polishes were provided to me for review without cost to me. However all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and truthful.

FABY – Paper Sky

I received this polish for review and it was a new brand to me. I’ve not seen it for sale in any stores near me. It is a brand from Italy that launched in the US in August 2014.
 The first coat applied very thin, but evenly. I applied the second coat a bit heavier, it dried in a timely manner and didn’t flood the cuticle at all. 2 coats was coverage enough, but I did notice there was a slight shadowing or bare spot on my middle nail after the fact.
Paper Sky is a light blue shade that is very bright and reminds me of spring. Creme finish. I can imagine this will be a useful polish when it comes to nail art designs.

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Dots & Hearts Tutorial

I’m finally back with a nail art tutorial and not just swatches. I hope you enjoy. The inspiration for it came from this look.
Start by painting your nails solid white. I used Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.
 Then stamp some black polka dots. I used Konad Black polish with the m79 image plate. Fill in any with a small dotting tool if it didn’t transfer well.

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You have a polish room?!

So I’ve been away because I recently moved. Now that things have settled down a bit, I should be able to get back into my routine. Before I start any nail art, I have to show you my new polish room. I had limited control over what I could do at my apartment, I wasn’t allowed to paint, and if I bought new furniture pieces I would have had to lug it up a flight of stairs myself. Well at my new house I wanted to do it up and do it right! And it turned out soooooo good. I just love it! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. I’ll try to let you know what products I used or how I did it as we go along.


I painted the walls gray and added black stripes to an accent wall. To do the stripes, I just measured 6 inches apart and drew a little pencil mark. Then I placed blue painters tape down the height of the wall lining up to all of my pencil marks. It was a tedious process, but I knew that and that’s why I stuck to an accent wall. 😉 The bookcase is just a cheap item I bought at Target. I wanted it to have the damask pattern to the inside, so while I was constructing it according to the included directions, I altered it. Prior to nailing the back panel on, I layed it out and covered it with a patterned contact paper I also found at Target.
I got the black and metal computer desk as a freebie from my sister. I changed my desktop wallpaper to coordinate. The metal dress form was a housewarming present from when I moved into my apartment. The clock, mirror, and desk pin board were all bought at Hobby Lobby. I got the curtain from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I plan on having it hemmed about 1/2 inch because I hung the curtain rod too low, and it drags the floor. That was not my intention! Lol
The opposite side of the room is where I have my polishing station. Completely organized and well lit from my medusa lamp and my magnifying lamp. And I love the cute little teal pillow.
I have this little table to was originally brown, but I painted it black. The lamp and the faux books were also from Hobby Lobby. The fake books actually house my shipping supplies, bubble wrap, mailers, etc.
The wall rack is the same one I’ve had forever and shown you here. It’s from the scrapbooking storage section at Michaels. The same collection that has the Melmers. It’s meant to hang ribbon spools and knick-knacks, but I adapted it. It works great for polish and most brands fit either 2 bottles deep (OPI, China Glaze), or even 3 bottles deep (Essie, Barielle, Zoya). Here I have the more commonly used brands, and prettier bottles. 😉
Again at Target I bought a ClosetMaid 9 Cubeicals piece in black and then 3 of the fabric drawers in Ocean Blue. They are more teal in real life. My camera only sees blue. My little white dress used to be brown, but she got a paint job too.
On top of the Cubeicals piece I have these 3 photo storage boxes I got from Michaels. These house my seldom used polish brands and random polishes that didn’t fit anywhere. Top box is back up bottles of favorite colors and others that are to swap or sell. Middle box is Revlon, Sation, and randomness. Bottom box is Sally Hansen, Wet N Wild, and Pure Ice.
My same Melmer got a makeover. I sanded/peeled off the scrapbooking paper I had on it and painted it a matching teal. I don’t keep my polishes in here because it would be too top heavy when I pulled out the drawers. The Cubeicals is not sturdy enough. It would all toppled over. So instead, I have my printed pictures of inspiration in the top drawer. Nail art supplies in the middle drawer (foils, stamping polishes, striper polishes, microbeads, rhinestones.) The bottom drawer is my go to catch all. It’s got my favorite nail art brushes, my clean up brush, files, cuticle pushers, clippers, nippers, etc.
In the Cubeicals unit there are some places I’m just storing random junk that isn’t polish related. But I will show you all the ones that are. On the top row, far left is a white wicker basket that I already had. It keeps all of my swatchsicles.
The top row, middle space has a Scentsy wax melter. I got the white wooden “create” from Michaels for $1. And the little brown box I got when I bought a watch one time, it holds all of my stamping image plates.
The top row, far right is one of the fabric drawers that holds other commonly used products. Acetone, paper towels, lotion, sponges, & cuticle remover.
Middle row, far left is all of my acrylic paints and palettes. Middle section is another white wicker basket that holds cotton balls.
Then my desk. I looked for the longest time and couldn’t find anything like what I wanted. I wanted solid black or white with a glass top. The glass top was critical because I wanted to be able to clean old polish off with acetone and not damage the surface. When I was in Target getting all of the other things I mentioned, this desk was just sitting there. A black computer desk with a glass top. On clearance for only $27! SCORE! I’m using the computer keyboard pull out tray to hold my tape dispenser, post its, spare camera batteries. Those are just clean paper towels on top for when I’m stamping.
I’m so incredibly happy with how it turned out! I could just stay in here all day long if I didn’t have to work and have a life. 😉 I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Updated Stash & Storage

I felt it was about time to clean up my polish display and straighten everything up. So it was a great time to take some pictures to share with you guys and actually count them all.My last Stash & Storage post was in March, and my how things have grown!
Currently I have 388 bottles of nail polish. I also have 11 empty bottles in my frankening box which makes 399 total if you include those. (I just need one more, right?) I hope to stay around this number because I can’t reasonably see myself being able to give attention to much more than this.

This is the rack I’ve been using to display my polishes. (It was originally sold as a scrapbooking embellishments storage unit)
1st row is crackles, glitters, magnetics, holographics. (28 polishes)
2nd row is red, orange, coral, and pink. (43 polishes)
3rd row is green, teal, and blue. (48 polishes)
4th row Muppet glitters, yellows, striper polishes, and stamping polishes. (34 polishes)
5th row is purple, black, gray, and white. (42 polishes)
6th row is base coats, top coats, and browns. (28 polishes)
These polishes on the display rack are my most used polishes. It hangs above my desk where I generally paint my nails.

The desk top extends to the left and that is where I have my Melmer sitting. On top of that is my exhibit project which has been entered in an art show to be held in March.

The top drawer to my Melmer is total chaos. It has my stamping plates, toe seperators, extra files, cuticle cream, loose false nails, etc.

2nd drawer of the Melmer contains my neglected polishes. These are ones that I don’t use because I don’t like them or have a better dupe. This drawer is the one my friends go shopping in when they come over. 🙂
(61 polishes)

The bottom drawer of the Melmer is where I keep new polishes that I haven’t swatched yet, frankens, back up bottles, and nail art pens.
(35 polishes)

Then I have a shoebox size storage box on a bottom shelf filled with frankening supplies. I have 54 polishes in there that are glitters or polishes I don’t mind wasting on frankens if they turn out badly. In there I also keep any bottles of polish I manage to empty so that I can franken into them in the future. I have 11 empties right now.

How do you like my updated status on my stash? How many polishes do you have?